Quick LUSH Verdicts

Ratings highest to lowest:

Love – I must have this!!!
Great – I will repurchase
OK – I can live without
Meh – I kinda’ regretted buying
Nope – I will dispose of/give away

Note: I constantly update this list, so what may be written in the reviews may not necessarily reflect how I feel now. Last update: 12/11/2015.

Happy Hippy (525) – ok [smells refreshing in the morning, affordable]

Seanik (475) – great [softens hair, lasts long]

Dream Cream (975) – great [doesn’t flare up psoriasis, moisturizing]

Flying Fox (375 ) – nope [smells ugh]

Grass (395) – ok

American Cream (375) – LOVE [the scent is to die for]

Ocean Salt (995) – ok

Ro’s Argan (1450) – nope [I don’t like rose scent, bad for psoriasis]

Porridge soap (225/100g) – nope [I love this scent but it flared up my psoriasis :'(]

Sparkle toothy tabs (175) – nope

Retread (795) – great

Dirty Shaving Cream (725) – ok

Mask of Magnaminty (325) – ok

Celebrate (895) – nope [too thick and oily, flared my psoriasis]

Rose Jam (295) – meh [I hate rose]

Hot Toddy (245) – ok

Karma Komba (425) – nope [dried my hair so much]

So White (137 (50% off)) – meh

Sympathy for the skin (600 (30% off)) – great

It’s Raining Men 280g (425 (30% off)) – great

Rehab 100g (310 (30% off)) – meh

Rub Rub Rub – great

Million Dollar Moisturizer – (130 10g) nope

Skin Shangrila – (70 7g) nope

Turkish Delight – (130 50g) nope

Vanilla dee-lite – (50% 100g) ok

D’Fluff  – nope

Ultrabland – (262.50 (50% off)) ok

Cynthia Sylvia Stout beer shampoo – (562.5 (50% off. 500g)) nope

Yummy Mummy (325) – nope [weird plasticky scent]

Honey I Washed My Hair (425) – LOVE [the best solid shampoo yet]

Angels on Bare Skin (free!! returned 5 pots) – LOVE

Eau Roma Water (325 100g) – ok

Buffy (425) – nope

Reindeer Rock soap – nope [love the scent but it doesn’t freaking lather wth]

Roots – great

I love Juicy – great

Happy Happy Joy Joy – meh

The Comforter bubble bar – LOVE

Creamy Candy bubble bar – great

Blackberry bath bomb – meh

Lullaby (425) – ok

You Snap the Whip (525) – ok

Yuzu and Cocoa (325) – ok

Lord of Misrule (345) – LOVE

Rough with the Smooth – great [smells like Lord of Misrule!]

Aqua Marina – meh [I feel like this doesn’t clean my face well]

African Paradise – ok [smells nice but doesn’t do anything for my skin + it’s too expensive]

Twilight – LOVE (part of xmas set) [I don’t really like Lavender, but this came as a great surprise! I love it!!]

The Comforter – great (part of xmas set)

Reindeer Rock (2015 batch) – LOVE (part of xmas set) [this batch lathers great and smells stronger and even better than last year’s]

New Charity Pot – LOVE [smells amazing @_@]

Let the Good Times Roll – great so far…

Miranda Soap – ok so far…

Do you want to see detailed reviews of anything found in this list? Comment below!

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