Lush Holiday Haul: Celebrate Lotion, Rose Jam, Hot Toddy, and So White Shower Gels Review

Published January 11, 2015 by Nikki

Lush releases limited edition products during the holidays and I’m keen to try most, if not all! I’ve only gotten my hands on three out of four shower gels (I didn’t give Snow Fairy a chance) and Celebrate lotion.

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Michael Kors Hamilton Traveler Black Satchel Large Review and Photos

Published January 11, 2015 by Nikki

Adam always tells me not to buy anything just because it’s on sale. However, the fact that this Michael Kors Hamilton Traveler bag is on sale on every single US website weeks before and after December kept bugging me. It was like it’s pleading to be bought lol.

I’ve been looking at this particular bag since September when Adam was here — saw it first at the Michael Kors store in Bonifacio High Street. I was looking at Hamiltons because it was the only MK bag I had a crush on for years and thought, was this really the Hamilton? How come it’s big and spacious? It was only slightly taller than my Kate Spade Beau, which I was carrying at the time. Read the rest of this entry →

Lush Haul: Self-Preserving Mask of Magnaminty, Retread Conditioner, and Dirty Shaving Cream

Published December 7, 2014 by Nikki

New Lush haul: Mask of Magnaminty, Retread Conditioner, and Dirty Shaving Cream.

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LUSH Haul: Porridge Soap and Sparkle Toothy Tabs

Published November 11, 2014 by Nikki

I browsed Lush’s website looking for soap that doubles as an exfoliant. I found a fair bit that gently scrubs but I chose porridge because of the oats and its moisturising and calming effects. When I went to check it in store, I was pleasantly surprised with how it smells. It was delicious! Sort of milky toffee nutty smell. I tried so hard to restrain myself from taking a bite. The other soaps I checked online didn’t smell as enticing.

The Lush Toothy Tabs, I didn’t intend to buy, but as I was browsing in store I got curious so I purchased it.

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LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner Review, Photos

Published November 1, 2014 by Nikki

I wouldn’t have bought Ro’s Argan if it wasn’t discounted on BeautyMNL (users get 20% off their first purchase). I always wanted to try it but there are more important Lush stuff I want to try first so this was placed at the very end of the list.

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Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte in 50 Peche Review, Photos, Swatches

Published November 1, 2014 by Nikki

My MAC Blot powder ran out so I needed new compact face powder to tote everywhere I go. I considered repurchasing because it’s definitely one of my HGs but I’ve been using it daily for two consecutive years and I wanted to try something new. I considered the compact version of my NARS loose powder but when I found out that this Chanel powder is on sale at 20% off at BeautyMNL, I decided to try it, seeing that the discounted price is cheaper than NARS.

I’m glad I did! So far I’m enjoying it. It is oozing with luxury, as the slightly shimmery powder is encased in a smooth plastic case with velvet pouch. The powder comes with a soft thin puff so I don’t have to lug a powder brush.

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LUSH Haul: Flying Fox, Grass, American Cream, and Ocean Salt

Published October 17, 2014 by Nikki

More Lush! I can’t get enough and there’s more on my list, to Adam’s dismay :3 Recently, I got Flying Fox and Grass shower gels, American Cream hair conditioner, and Ocean Salt facial scrub.

Find the answer below!

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