Review: Lush Sympathy for the Skin Body Lotion

Published February 22, 2015 by Nikki

This might be the body lotion I enjoyed the most – the smell is divine and it moisturizes like a dream!

I’ll keep this review short. Sympathy for the Skin is better than any other Lush lotions I used (Dream Cream and Celebrate). I hadn’t reached halfway through my Celebrate lotion when I got this because Sympathy was on sale at 30% off. It came just in time though because I noticed that I’ve been getting Psoriasis patches all over my body. It started on the inside of my thighs and then spread like wildfire on my torso, parts where I never got patches before. I didn’t mind it at first because getting patches here and there weren’t new for me, but I got more than the usual and the itch bugged me all day. I knew it had to be one of the Lush products I was using. It was either my new shower gel (It’s Raining Men) or Celebrate.

I stopped using Celebrate and replaced it with Sympathy to test (and also partly because I rly want to use Sympathy for the Skin because I love the smell. It’ so yummy, caramelly, and banana-ish. I hate Celebrate’s scent; you would know why if I read my review on it). Surprisingly, my Psoriasis patches started to dry up and the itch stopped. I think I used Sympathy for two weeks straight which diminished about 80% of the patches. It was so awesome. I gave Celebrate to my mom.

Sympathy for the Skin also hydrates better than Dream Cream (for me). I also kinda’ don’t like the scent of DC. Sympathy isn’t as thick as Celebrate and is the same level in consistency as Dream Cream. It is super easy to smother on the skin and it also gets absorbed really quickly.

Another best thing about it is that it complements the smell of It’s Raining Men, my super favorite shower gel ever. I think I found my HG lotion from Lush.


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