LUSH Haul: Turkish Delight, Rub Rub Rub, Skin’s Shangri La, Million Dollar Moisturiser

Published February 22, 2015 by Nikki

Major sample-sized haul! I love hauls like this. Great price (but not so great grabs).

Every time I would go to my local Lush store, they would have something different out on the ‘sale’ table. They’re probably rationing the sale products to keep the ball running. But one of them said that the sale will only last until the end of February. I made it a point to drop by every now and then to see what’s up their sleeves. These sample-sized products were part of their Christmas sets, dismantled and sold separately. Here’s what I got!

Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie – It’s a soap, it’s whipped, and I didn’t have the slightest idea on how to use it the first time. 😛 I went to the shower, got a blob of this and started spreading it on the skin. It didn’t lather at all and if I wanted some sort of a soapy feel, I have to use more. It’s kind of complicated to use and I didn’t feel as though it could clean as well as their solid and liquid soaps. When you scoop it out with your fingers, the consistency is similar to hardened marshmallow that it’s difficult to separate and lather on the skin. Sometimes bits and pieces would fall off and into the drain, which is a waste considering its price.

What people said about this is that because it’s less soapy, it suits more sensitive skins best. I’m not sure though…after rinsing it, my skin feels squeaky and dry. It didn’t leave a film of silkiness or smoothness and after towel drying. Skin didn’t feel soft either. I got this because I wanted to try as much Lush stuff I want without spending too much on full-sized products I wouldn’t like. This one came in a small 45g pot and cost around P150. I think the full size pots cost around P1,400. Definitely won’t repurchase — I’m also not a fan of too much rosy stuff. If you really like rose scented stuff, then consider this.

Though, I might try their other shower smoothie, Dreamwash, if given the chance. i.e. discounted price.

Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub – I’ve always wanted to get this but it’s either sold out when I rly want it or available when I’m holding off on purchases. Lol. So it was awesome to see sample-sized pots available when I went to the Lush store. You wouldn’t believe how great the deal was with this — I got two 130g pots only at P70 each! If there was more, I would have bought them, even if it was a dozen! @_@ I absolutely love this stuff.

I love the scent, which smells like my Seanik shampoo bar (which I didn’t like at first but grew to love). The salt in Rub Rub Rub is different from Ocean Salt. This one has finer salt soaked in soapy blue liquid. Sometimes I omit the shower gel and use it on it’s own. It leaves the skin soft and smooth afterwards. It’s also a joy to use in the shower! I’ll definitely repurchase the full size pot 300g at P700.

Skin’s Shangri La Moisturiser – I got a 10g sample worth P130. I’m not sure of this one — I’ve used it thrice at night and didn’t give me the morning after glow/freshness/liveliness or whatever good thing you see when you look in the mirror when you wake. The consistency is creamy and a bit oily that it takes a while to be absorbed by the skin. It’s also laden with perfumes, which kinda’ doesn’t sit well on my Psoriatic skin. I also hated how it smells heavily of Ylang Ylang. Smells very granny-like. I currently own better moisturisers (Clinique Even Better and Physiogel AI) so this will go to my mom. I won’t repurchase. The full-size pot 45g costs around P2,100.

Million Dollar Moisturiser – This moisturiser is so so rich, luxurious, and smells heavenly. It contains SPF 30 pa+++, which would have been great for daily morning use. BUT because it’s so thick, it takes a while for it to be absorbed on the skin. It also leaves the skin oily throughout the day, which forces me to use powder every now and then, which I normally don’t do. The cream also has a subtle shimmer in it, and smells like toasted caramel and much more (I rly love caramel, sweet, honey scents).

I desperately want to love this and prefer this over Skin’s Shangri La. I can solve the oiliness part by powdering up, but I don’t want to 😦 I want my skin to look natural the way it is. Tbh, I only get that kind of natural glow when I use Clinique or Physiogel. This one’s so unnatural. I also kinda don’t want to use it in the long term because the first few times didn’t do me well – oily, got clogged pores, and dull skin. The thickness of the cream and the overpowering scent (srlsy, it’s so strong) may also flare my Psoriasis. I don’t want patches on my face. 😥

Full size 45g costs around P2,250. Definitely won’t repurchase. This went to my mom and she loves it. 😛


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