Michael Kors Hamilton Traveler Black Satchel Large Review and Photos

Published January 11, 2015 by Nikki

Adam always tells me not to buy anything just because it’s on sale. However, the fact that this Michael Kors Hamilton Traveler bag is on sale on every single US website weeks before and after December kept bugging me. It was like it’s pleading to be bought lol.

I’ve been looking at this particular bag since September when Adam was here — saw it first at the Michael Kors store in Bonifacio High Street. I was looking at Hamiltons because it was the only MK bag I had a crush on for years and thought, was this really the Hamilton? How come it’s big and spacious? It was only slightly taller than my Kate Spade Beau, which I was carrying at the time.

When we got home, I looked up the bag and found out that they released a new model, the Hamilton Traveler, and it addresses everything that kept me from not buying the original Hamilton. It is spacious for everyday office and travel use and it also has a zipper (I didn’t like how the small Hamilton is too small and the large Hamilton is too large)! The design is also popular these days and it’s not a saffiano leather (I don’t like saffiano because it feels like fake leather to me, although it is scratch resistant). So I knew at first look that I really, really want a Hamilton Traveler (but I like a lot of stuff so Adam says it’s invalid but he still got the bag for me. ❤ ❤ ❤ ).

It took a while for us to get the bag because the Michael Kors website, which sold the bag for $199 rejected our order twice. The first one was because the item was no longer available. The second time, Adam ordered through their hotline but was still cancelled because the shipping and billing addresses are different although the person on the phone told Adam it was fine and pushed through with the order >_> What a waste of time. So for those who plans to order at michaelkors.com using an international card, don’t.

I don’t know where Adam gets the patience. He was the one who mostly talked to the customer representatives and helped me look for websites that would accept our card. You know, for a guy who would spend his precious time looking for a bag on websites of all sorts and calling them up to place an order is really…something. I think I’ll keep Adam forever ❤

Onto the search, we stumbled upon Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Macy’s. The first two didn’t have the color I wanted which was black with gold hardware. Nordstrom accepts PayPal though, so I seriously considered getting Gooseberry. Bloomingdales’ price is at $289 so I kinda didn’t want to get it, but the ladies on Purse Forum said that I could try to make them price match with michaelkors.com.

At Macy’s, Adam called several times and their customer representatives said different things. Once, Adam ordered via phone (they have a special hotline if you’re going to order using an international card) and it didn’t push through for some reason. By this time, I seriously considered switching to getting Furla instead because they were on sale and they accept PayPal.

I gave it a few days to decide which Furla bag I wanted when Macy’s had some really serious sale, which brought down the Hamilton bag at $194 including tax and the shipping was free! To top it all off, the black with gold hardware I wanted was available! I made Adam order through Macy’s again via their hotline and the order was placed! Shipping to my country took about two weeks; The order was placed December 6 and it arrived here December 18. So here it is!

I was surprised with the lack of paper/tissues to pad the bag inside the box. At least the bag was stuffed with tissues to retain shape and covered all around. I had fun tearing all the padding and tissues surrounding the bag. I love how well it was wrapped. The bag was in perfect condition – no dents, scratches, and marks whatsoever.

The dust bag was inside the bag, sitting on top of all the paper stuffed inside.

Here’s the tag. People must love the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that last a few days. The additional 20 percent off was awesome.

Padlock and key! Also, it does work.

All the metal hardware in this bag – the zippers, handles, feet, are all embossed with Michael Kors.

Onto the review, which I’m now too lazy to write because of too much rambling above lol

Structure – The bag is really structured and people would expect that it would hold its shape. However, after a few weeks of use, the side of the bag kinda collapsed a bit. The leather on the side creased so my bag sits with the right side sagging and the left still strong and structured. I think it’s because of how little I have inside my bag? I don’t carry much and the bag is very, very spacious. I probably should have gotten the medium size, but I wanted to use the bag for traveling too so I got the large. Anyway, I have solved this problem by arranging my stuff inside the bag so that all corners are supported by something. It has prevented further creasing and sagging.

Leather – The bag comes in vitello leather, which is very soft. It’s softer than the smooth leather used in my kate spade beau so it was really prone to scratches, scuffs, and marks. This is the only thing I didn’t want about the bag — it’s so high maintenance. I would have preferred it if they used a harder smooth leather, especially since the bag is structured. It would have been better in retaining its shape. That said, after a few weeks of use, there are already a few scuffs and scratches on my bag. But I deal with it. If you’re the type who couldn’t live with a bag with a few scratches, definitely don’t get this. Get a saffiano.

Bag Interior – The bag is very roomy. It holds all my daily essentials with room for more. I also love how it has several side pockets. There are two wide pockets on each side as well as one zipped pocket (total of five pockets). It also has a key fob, which is a staple for Michael Kors bags. The bag is lined with black woven cloth with MK monogram. The bag has a small white tag inside that states where it was made (China) and some classification numbers. Sewn in one of the pockets is a leather Michael Kors tag. The zipped pocket holds a leather care card. My favorite aspect of the interior are the pockets! I have a lot of very small items such as IDs, hand sanitizer, flash drives, pens, and coin purse that fit perfectly inside the pockets. It organizes my stuff well so that I don’t have to turn the bag inside out just to find what I need.

Size – The large is considered small by most women; some only consider it as a medium. This is the reason why I went for the large to be sure. For my small 5 foot 1 frame, the bag is not oversized. It actually looks just right! The bag itself is not that heavy compared to others I’ve carried, but when filled, it can be a pain to lug around. Good thing there’s a strap so you can wear it in more ways than one.

Overall look – I love the black and gold hardware combination. It’s just so classy. This is definitely one of the black leather bags every girl should have.


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    • Thank you! 🙂 I glue my eyes to the computer when December rolls by because stuff get really affordable hehe. Also, Adam is the most patient man I know! (must throw lots of compliments; maybe he’ll lift the ban).

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