Lush Holiday Haul: Celebrate Lotion, Rose Jam, Hot Toddy, and So White Shower Gels Review

Published January 11, 2015 by Nikki

Lush releases limited edition products during the holidays and I’m keen to try most, if not all! I’ve only gotten my hands on three out of four shower gels (I didn’t give Snow Fairy a chance) and Celebrate lotion.

Celebrate Lotion

I wasn’t so sure if I should purchase this or not. My Dream Cream ran out and I wasn’t sure which one should I replace it with. I kinda wanted Sympathy for the Skin so I was torn between the two. But since Celebrate only comes out during the holidays, I decided to try it.

The scent of Celebrate wasn’t to die for. It’s citrusy and tangy that on some days it smells like baby’s puke or mildly sweaty underarm (lol) but sometimes it smells refreshing, but never delicious. The scent also doesn’t linger — not sure if I should be happy or disappointed. As a skin moisturizer, it does its job; keeps my skin hydrated and soft.

The consistency is also very thick. It’s like twice the thickness of Dream Cream so it’s a bit of a challenge to spread on dry skin. It’s best used after shower when the skin is damp so you can quickly distribute the cream evenly all over the body. It’s a little too oily too so absorption takes a bit longer than usual.

TL;DR – It’s a good lotion for the cool and dry days but I won’t use it during the humid summer months!

Rose Jam – Smells exactly like Ro’s Argan, which I already have. I kinda’ like this, but I still like Happy Hippy’s scent better. I love the consistency and how it’s so easy to make a bubbly lather.

Hot Toddy – I think this is the most unusual of the three. It has a combination of spice and sweetness in it. When lathered up, it smells like cola. I like it. This is a red gel with golden glitters in it. Unfortunately, the glitters are deposited and stuck at the bottom of the bottle so it’s pretty useless. Even after minutes of hard shaking, the glitters wouldn’t budge. Oh well. The best thing about this shower gel is that it’s really warm and comforting to use during my cold holiday showers.

So White – This is my least favorite out of the three. Apart from how it doesn’t smell unique (and yummy for that matter), the consistency of this shower gel is very, very runny. Unlike other shower gels where a little goes a long way, you have to use up a lot of product to be able to lather up properly. The liquid soap (it doesn’t deserve to be called gel) has some shimmer that’s minuscule compared to Hot Toddy’s, making it a shimmery liquid soap.


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