Lush Haul: Karma Komba Solid Shampoo, American Cream, and Honey Trap Lip Balm Review

Published January 11, 2015 by Nikki

My previous solid shampoo, Seanik, ran out and I wanted to try a different scent so I got Karma Komba.

Another staple conditioner, Retread, ran out and the largest bottle of American Cream is on sale so I got it too.

Karma Komba Solid Shampoo

I wanted to love Karma Komba because of the amazing and strong scent that lingers for a few hours on my hair. However, it didn’t perform really well like Seanik did. Seanik leaves my hair really soft, untangled, light, and smooth all day. Karma Komba, on the other hand, leaves it feeling dry, stiff, and heavy. 😦 There are a lot more other solid shampoo varieties to try, but now seeing that they probably have different compositions makes me wary to try the others. I think after Karma Komba runs out, I’ll repurchase Seanik.

This bar lasts three months so that means I have to endure three months more of annoying rough hair boohoo.

Karma Komba next to my now gone small piece of Seanik.

PS – I bought a tin container for my solid shampoo. It only costs P74!

American Cream

This is a repurchase. I previously reviewed American Cream here. This conditioner is still definitely one of my super favorite products from Lush. The scent is heavenly! I do love my other conditioner Retread but it doesn’t smell as awesome as American Cream. The largest bottle 500g is on sale at around P850, close to the regular 250g tub of Retread at P795, so I didn’t think twice of purchasing it. Perfect timing because I already ran out of Retread.

Lush Philippines holds an annual sale at the start of every year. Selected items available all year round are sold at 30% off while limited edition holiday items are sold at 50% off. I regret buying some of my holiday stuff early on 😦 Anyway, I’m planning to get Sympathy for the Skin and a big bottle of Rose Jam or Hot Toddy on sale! Hope I could still get my hands on them. They sell up extremely fast!

Honey Trap Lip Balm

I won this during Lush’s weekly contest. It smells so yummy! The balm is not too thick and heavy on the lips but still moisturizes nonetheless.

I wouldn’t have purchased it at P425! It’s too expensive. I use EOS and it only costs P250. Glad to get Honey Trap free!

The color is clear and it glides smoothly on the lips. You have to use your finger to apply it, which is unsanitary (unlike the EOS). But I can live with it.


2 comments on “Lush Haul: Karma Komba Solid Shampoo, American Cream, and Honey Trap Lip Balm Review

  • You won something in a Lush contest? Cool! And you’re really lucky talaga haha you should buy lottery tickets! BTW I had a tin once for my… I forgot the name of that solid scrub, but it ended up rusty in the shower. 😦 How’s your tin?

    • It was just a “Tell us why you like our lip balms” contest and they were picking around 50 winners each week for four weeks. So everyone who commented probably got a lip balm 😛

      I had the tin for a week pa lang! Oh noes, thanks for the advice. I’ll keep it in a dry place! You know, I thought the tin was so cheap because the sticker price said P34. Tapos yun pala you pay P34 each for the lid and the base. Lolwut.

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