Lush Haul: Self-Preserving Mask of Magnaminty, Retread Conditioner, and Dirty Shaving Cream

Published December 7, 2014 by Nikki

New Lush haul: Mask of Magnaminty, Retread Conditioner, and Dirty Shaving Cream.

Self-Preserving Mask of Magnaminty

Likes: It glides on smoothly, doesn’t tug on the face, cools the face, exfoliates gently, and makes my skin feel awake and refreshed. Even after it dried and eventually rinsed, the skin doesn’t feel tight. The smell and texture is also heavenly! It reminds me of Kisses Mint Truffle and Andes Chocolate Mints. The major difference of the self-preserved version from the original one is that it’s slightly moist and softer on the skin when applied.

Dislikes: None! I wish our local lush stores carry the other variants of the fresh face mask. They only have this because it’s the one with the longest shelf life (but still short compared to Lush’s other products). According to the tub, this was made September 9th and should be used by January 8th. The problem was, my local Lush store restocked this mid-November, so I only have six weeks to finish it. I only use it once a week and I reckon I can get a dozen uses from it. Our store only sells the 125g versions, but surprisingly, it’s still a lot.

Price: P325


Dirty (left) and Retread (right)

Retread Conditioner

Likes: It’s the best conditioner I’ve tried. I was using American Cream for weeks before I got this. I didn’t intend to buy this but it was on buy 1 get 1 so I got this conditioner along with Dirty shaving cream. What put me off is the smell but I’m so glad I tried it anyway! I saw and felt the difference only after a wash. It’s easier to spread all over the hair compared to American Cream and the hair is noticeably shinier and softer. Paired with my Seanik solid shampoo, it solved my hair fall problem! The consistency is a liiitttlleee bit thicker than American Cream.

Dislikes: I don’t care if it slightly smells like spoilt yoghurt, I’ll keep buying this. I lather a pea-sized amount of American Cream on my hair after putting Retread on. It helps with the smell.

Price: P795

Dirty Shaving Cream

Likes: It smells sort of like my Dream Cream lotion because it’s made up of the same scent/ingredients: oats. I like the consistency of this shaving cream; it’s easy to apply, glides on smoothly, and not sticky at all. It’s makes the skin smooth and soft after a shave. I use it mainly on the legs.

Dislikes: It clogs the razor so you need to have warm water to rinseĀ before gliding it on the skin again. Also, I tend to use more than intended. It’s not as creamy as I would have wanted.

Price: P725 (Free from buying Retread)


The nice Lush ladies gave me this:


PS: I’m one of the very few people who likes Lush’s black tubs. I don’t know why, I’m just fond of it.


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