LUSH Haul: Porridge Soap and Sparkle Toothy Tabs

Published November 11, 2014 by Nikki

I browsed Lush’s website looking for soap that doubles as an exfoliant. I found a fair bit that gently scrubs but I chose porridge because of the oats and its moisturising and calming effects. When I went to check it in store, I was pleasantly surprised with how it smells. It was delicious! Sort of milky toffee nutty smell. I tried so hard to restrain myself from taking a bite. The other soaps I checked online didn’t smell as enticing.

The Lush Toothy Tabs, I didn’t intend to buy, but as I was browsing in store I got curious so I purchased it.

Porridge Soap

I’m so glad I bought this! This soap is great. It exfoliates gently but is very effective at sloughing away dead skin. This is cheaper than Ocean Salt scrub because the latter would require you to use a lot of product to scrub the entire body. Rub Rub Rub is a cheaper version of Ocean Salt but I haven’t tried it yet. If they’re similar (Ocean Salt has a scarcity of actual salt, not to mention the fall out of salt chunks just one second after you rubbed it onto the face), then you’ll be using a lot of product as well.

Porridge soap is more cost-effective because I’m able to scrub from head to toe using the pile of oats on the upper part of the soap. The bottom part, on the other hand, is made of pure creamy soap. I made the lady at Lush cut the soap I bought in half. I’ve used one half for about 10 washes/scrubs and there’s still a bit left, which I reckon would still give me 3 washes. The bar I bought weighed about 120 g and cost P281 (P225/100g).

^After about 10 washes, it looks like a monster. When my mom saw it, she was like, “WTF IS THIS THING GROWING IN OUR BATHROOM?”

^Idk about you but it appears kinda gross to me

^Is that a pile of monster teeth? Cockroach eggs?

^The one I have is just a shadow of the beauty it once was

^This is the other half of the soap. It looks appealing when fresh.

^More side by side photos

The soap is very creamy and melts really fast. I haven’t tried other Lush solid soaps yet so I can’t compare it with anything. All I can say is that it’s different from any soap I’ve tried because it’s quick to be gone, sadly. It has a somewhat similar consistency to that of a butter. When rested on my palm, it leaves a thin film and I reckon I can crush it single-handedly if I tried. It melts on its own even on dry hands and cool weather. Another con is that after showering, it doesn’t feel moisturizing. My skin feels dry and taut compared to using Lush’s shower gels. I definitely have to moisturise using Dream Cream after.


Sparkle Toothy Tab

It was sitting on the shelf while I waited for the Lush lady to cut my soap. I got curious so I picked it and chucked it onto the counter. It was only P175 and I get around 40 tabs so why not try it? I watched videos on YouTube on how to try it. You have to crew it in the middle of your front teeth and start brushing using a wet toothbrush. Afterwards, it will foam like crazy. I tried doing it like in the videos and it worked. However, I felt like the foaming agent is so dull and fake and chemical-ly. I also didn’t like the taste at all. It tasted really weird and my mouth didn’t feel fresh afterwards. I felt self-conscious when talking because I was scared of how it smelled like.

Sure, my teeth felt clean, but it was probably because of the foaming agent and some other chemicals? I felt like I was brushing using baking soda. My gums were also sore after about a week of using it. I don’t know, but it doesn’t work for me. I’ve also read that teeth needs fluoride to prevent tooth decay. Toothy Tabs don’t have fluoride.




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