LUSH Haul: Flying Fox, Grass, American Cream, and Ocean Salt

Published October 17, 2014 by Nikki

More Lush! I can’t get enough and there’s more on my list, to Adam’s dismay :3 Recently, I got Flying Fox and Grass shower gels, American Cream hair conditioner, and Ocean Salt facial scrub.

Find the answer below!

Reviews first!

Grass – This shower gel smells really fresh without being too strong. I like using it at night to wash off the day’s hard work because it’s quite calming and refreshing (also so I stay a little more awake at night and be able to sleep relaxed). I also prefer to use this after a tiring workout or yoga sesh. Only con is that it’s very pricey! I think out of all the shower gels, this is the most expensive (correct me if I’m wrong).

EDIT: I’ve used this on my hair and I love how it felt silky! Idk but it’s better than seanik lol. My hair felt moisturized after using Grass. I’ll prolly repurchase for that purpose. Also, among other shower gels, this one feels moisturising afterwards? After using it a fair bit, I didn’t like the grassy smell much but I love the silky smooth feeling on hair and skin.

Flying Fox – The Jasmine scent is overpowering. I unscrewed the lid once, had a sniff, and the scent went directly to my brain and numbed it for a few seconds. I think my pupils dilated in surprise too. If you’re not the type who can take on really strong scents, I suggest not to directly sniff it. I have nothing against the smell; I actually kinda’ enjoy it. Like what Lush says, it’s sensual and all (but sometimes when I’m not in the mood, I think of grannies). So, I reckon you shouldn’t use it when you’re not in the mood aka grumpy/PMSing/angry/etc. It’s best used when you’re calm because it gives you a deeper sense of calm like yoga except there are bubbles everywhere and you realize you’re late for work.

Unlike Happy Hippy, which I previously reviewed here,  the scent lasts really long (until you put on lotion that neutralizes it, of course). It also leaves a scent of jasmine bouquets in the bathroom, not that it really matters. I don’t understand why people have to mention that their bathrooms are perfumed. Obvs, the scent will linger because it’s a steamy small box with very small windows or none at all /rant. ANYWAY, as I was saying, the scent sticks to your skin so you can opt not to use perfumes. I don’t think I’ll repurchase though; there are more shower gels to try; I’ll prolly try It’s Raining Men next, people say it’s a subtler version of Flying Fox.

American Cream – IS MY F*CKING FAVORITE LUSH PRODUCT EVAR. Review unnecessary. It’s awesome. Really, really, really awesome.

Fine, since you insisted for a review, I want you to know first and foremost that I hate waking up in morning to shower (everyone does, right?), but this is my sole motivation for showering. Why do I want to shower? Not because I want to smell good for Adam. No, he can smell my stinky sweat all day and I won’t care. The reason I shower is because this conditioner makes me happy (orly?). It’s like Christmas morning and you know you’re not due to come to work for another week. Unlike their advertisement, this conditioner doesn’t smell like strawberries at all, more like vanilla and something else. This beautiful scent lasts on my hair for more than a day. Although the cream is a bit runny, it’s easy enough to spread all over the hair and untangle. The hair is smooth and soft when rinsed and it’s more beautiful when dried. It gives me a full, shiny hair. I don’t even need to comb anymore. *sigh* it’s pure love.

My only gripe? It’s expensive T_T but hey, most Lush products are >_>

Ocean Salt – I haven’t used it long enough to have great feedback on. I’ve used it once and so far it’s meh. The salt bits are too big and sparse that I don’t feel like my face was scrubbed at all. When left on my face a little longer than 20 seconds, it burns. I want to give it a chance so I’m not completely shunning it (lest its millions of followers hate me). But idk, after the first use, I’m not really impressed. I mixed it like what the lush attendant told me so that the salt will fuse with the entire foamy mixture, but still, I feel like there’s very little actual salt when I pinch enough for use on my face. And as what I’ve said, the salt pieces are too big, rough, and course. Before I could properly work a scrub, they’re falling off into the sink and only the limey concoction is left on my face, which stings. Tell me if I’m doing something wrong. I really wanna give it a try because it’s so expensive! >_> The smell is also a bit weird…limey and strong, and alcohol-ish. Now that I’ve mentioned it, it’s probably the alcohol that stings my face. Sad we don’t have the alcohol-free version here. 😦

SOOOO, you’ve probably guessed by now the answer to the poll. It’s Seanik! Oh wait, it’s not even reviewed here. American Cream!


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