Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Small Beau Bag in Geranium Review, Photos

Published June 30, 2014 by Nikki

My beau, Adam, got me this super adorable bag as an early birthday present. It was on sale so we decided to purchase it early on Kate Spade’s website. Here it is!


I found very little images of this bag in Geranium colour that really stays true in person. If you look at the photos posted online, it leans coral, almost like melon. In real life though, it’s more coral pink (if you’re familiar with lipstick shades, it is very similar with MAC Force of Love and MAC Watch Me Simmer) and it’s neon! I was pleasantly surprised with the coral pink colour as it’s my favourite lipstick shades, but didn’t like the brightness (very neon) much.


It’s the perfect size! I thought that the small beau would be too small for my daily essentials but it’s just perfect! It fits all of my belongings: I have one makeup pouch and another pouch for trinkets, receipts, cards, and whatnot. I have a wallet and a coin purse, umbrella, and water bottle. I reckon I can still fit a notebook in and more.


It’s a bit on the heavy side, especially when filled. But it is as expected as the bag is made purely out of leather. I thinkย I’ll have sore arms when toting this all day long (the straps are too short to be carried by the shoulder) but the new small beau bags come with a removable shoulder strap, which is freakin’ awesome! You don’t have to worry about your arms getting sore because you have two carrying options.


Definitely, the beau is one of Kate Spade’s classiest designs. It won’t go out of style for a very long time, which is why it’s a good investment. It has a bow in front, which also serves as a pocket. This outer pocket is deep and has a magnetic snap closure so you’ll be able to put stuff securely inside. The main compartment can be opened by a zipper held by a ribbon.

What I don’t like about the bag is the opening because it’s too narrow and the zipper is kinda’ sharp so it scratches my skin when I’m getting stuff out. You really have to separate the edges with both hands to easily access the contents of the bag. Inside the bag are two easy access pockets for your phone, keys, etc. and another zippered pocket.


I wouldn’t buy this if it was on sale because I find that $428 is too expensive! I got this for 50% off and sadly, if I waited two weeks longer, I would’ve gotten it with extra 25% off the sale price (darn it!!!).

I didn’t find much reviews about the small beau bag, so I was really determined to write one as soon as I got it. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll try my best to help ๐Ÿ™‚



2 comments on “Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Small Beau Bag in Geranium Review, Photos

  • Hi! Love the color! I ordered the black one but haven’t received it yet. How is the durability of the leather? Read some comments in a forum that it scratches easily? I hope not coz mine has a long way home (Manila). Would love to get your feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I haven’t seen any scratches yet and I have used it daily since receiving it. The bag seems very sturdy but the leather is quite soft so it’s prolly prone to getting scratches. Just try to avoid holding stuff with sharp edges next to it, such as pens and keys. ๐Ÿ™‚

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