Shu Uemura Whitefficient Cleansing Oil, UV Base Brightening Mouse, and Tsuya Skin Review, Photos

Published November 24, 2013 by Nikki

I bought this on sale as a three-piece set from Taste Central where they offer it at P750 instead of the regular price of around P2,000. I don’t really know how much I saved because these are my first Shu products ever. I rarely (never) drop by Shu counters because their makeups don’t entice me that much. Apart from that, everyone knows how pricey Shu products are. So if it weren’t for the sale, I wouldn’t have dipped a toe in Shu’s vast expensive waters.

Anyway, onto the review:

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier (50 ml, 1.6 fl.oz; Made in Japan)

Whitefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil

Don’t judge. I don’t know how to use this at first, as it was my first time to use a cleansing oil. Tbh, I treated it like your usual facial wash; I put a pea sized amount on my palm and scrubbed it onto my wet face. It turned into milky water. Then I rinsed it off and felt like my face wasn’t cleaned at all. It felt moisturized though, as I felt there was a thin film of oil still on my face. Anyway, I googled and learned the right way to use it, which takes a bit more time compared to just soaping my face with my The Body Shop facial wash.

It was fun at first because you can see that it really cleanse up to your innermost pores but it taaakkkeeesss quite a bit of massaging and because I’m too lazy, after I reached half of the bottle, I returned to my good ‘ole The Body Shop Vitamin C cleanser (you’ll find a review here too). I have no qualms with Shu’s cleansing abilities; I’m just so lazy. 😛

Shu Uemura Whitefficient UV Under Base (30g; Made in Japan)

Brightening Mousse SPF 30 PA+++

I like the brightening effect (as it’s kinda purple with luminosity) and the sun protection. I just don’t like how it comes in mousse form which is kinda hard to distribute all over the face, and so sticky! It’s very hot and humid here in the Philippines and I felt like my makeup is sliding off because of this L It also doesn’t make my makeup last like what primers should do. After I get to work, my skin also looks dull instead of brightened, just like what Shu promised. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. But I’m giving this away to my sister so she can use it for sun protection.

Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator (7ml, 0.23 fl.oz.; Made in Japan)

Out of the three, this is my most favourite. The fluid is quite thick, but still run a little bit. And it has tiny specks of shiny gold and purple glitter (it’s not really glitter 😛 ). It’s very luminous and I’m not sure if it does anything to my skin, brightening wise, but I like using it because it makes my skin soft and supple. It smells really good too, like berries of some sort. Don’t know if I’ll be purchasing the full size! It’s too expensive for such small amount of product. I wanna try more stuff out there.


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