Longchamp Planetes Medium Long Handle Plum/Prune 2013 Photos, Review

Published August 19, 2013 by Nikki

My first Longchamp bag!

When it was delivered, I was a disappointed because it looks too small!  I immediately wanted to get the next size which is large. I decided to use it to work just to see what it was like and I don’t know how it happened, but I fell in love with it! @_@ The colour, texture, shape, build are all perfect and I couldn’t ask for more, except for more Longchamp Planetes in different colours (to Adam’s great dismay).

While picking a bag, I decided I wouldn’t go for the cheaper version because it sags so bad, it looks so cheap. With the rise of class A fake Longchamps, it’s difficult to distinguish the original Le Pliage from the fakes. Planetes looks so much different because it’s sturdier and classier. The colour of the handle and the leather flap is also the same as the colour of the bag, unlike Le Pliage that’s forever brown.

Initially, I was looking at getting the colour Terracotta but then decided to get a darker colour because I commute everyday and a lighter shade is prone to having more obvious dirt/stain whatnot.

When it comes to the size of the bag, I found that it’s just perfect for everyday use to work. It fits my makeup kit, another kit for my little trinkets, chargers, earphones, pens, and all that small stuff, umbrella, purse, water bottle, and packed lunch (yes, even I was surprised it could fit in that much). In the small pocket inside, I put in my extra phone, keys, and cards. With all that, it still has a bit of room for a small notepad.


Here’s what it looks like carried:


Here’s what it looks like next to my short Nalgene water bottle for size comparison:


I can’t wait for Hong Kong this December so I can get another Longchamp bag (cheaper there than here in Philippines)!

What do you think? 🙂


10 comments on “Longchamp Planetes Medium Long Handle Plum/Prune 2013 Photos, Review

  • What is the zipper made of? Does it have a plasticky feel to it? Because I almost bought a Planetes bag online, but after I got it, everything just screamed fake. The button was a dead giveaway, the zipper would be the nail on the coffin if I could confirm that it is not light and plasticky.

    • It doesn’t feel very plasticky and doesn’t have rough edges either, although yes I think the zipper is made somewhat of plastic (or resin?). It’s sturdier though and feels smooth to the touch. Can you post pictures? You can ask about the authenticity in purse forum if you aren’t sure.

  • Thank you for the review! Still contemplating whether to get the large or the medium size in black. Do you think large or medium is better? I have a pilage bag in large already but tbh I it would be perfect if it was a bit smaller. But I think the measurements are a bit different to the planetes I think. And I have the same water bottle in black haha.

    • Hi Lok Yee, I have the large in le pliage, but I use it only occasionally when going on weekend trips because it’s too big! For daily office use, I recommend the medium. It’s roomy enough for all my essentials!

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