The Body Shop Haul (Part 2): Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish, Vitamin C Skin Boost, Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder Mix, Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Review, Photos

Published July 13, 2013 by Nikki

Here’s part 2 of my The Body Shop Haul featuring my new favorite line (bye Seaweed line), Vitamin C!

See below for more photos!

Vitamin C Skin Boost – Described as a primer. In my previous post (part 1), I talked about tea tree pore minimiser and I can safely say that this skin boost works better as a primer than its tea tree counterpart. It instantly smoothens skin, prepping it for makeup. It also has microshimmer, which I think, helps in making skin more radiant.

Look closely!

Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder Mix – This product has a concentrated vitamin C powder (stored in the cap) that you need to mix with the serum inside the bottle. When mixed, it has pure vitamin C at 5% concentration. According to the packaging, you can only use it for 10 days until the potency diminishes. I have used it for about 15 days and I still have about half of the product left. So much waste 😦 Also, from being a clear liquid, after the 10-day mark, it started to change in a more yellow/orang-ish color.

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion – I’m happy I only bought a sample product for this. This one feels sandy and doesn’t feel like it has throughly removed dead skin cells. I still prefer my seaweed microdermabrasion.

These three came in a set I bought from the US so I’m not sure how much it costs here separately.

Vitamin C Skin Cleansing Polish – My favorite product in the entire Vitamin C range. It cleanses, refreshes, and leaves skin smooth and moisturized.

All products from this range give a fresh citrus scent.


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