The Balm Meet Matte Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

Published July 13, 2013 by Nikki

I was searching for an all-matte eyeshadow palette and found this! I love its quirky packaging and the good reviews made me pick this one up despite its price point.

P2,595 at Beauty Bar Philippines

It was really worth it!

Everyone, meet Matte!

Adam said he doesn’t like the lack of Adam in this makeup. Hehe. He’s so adorable!


The formula is indeed matte and lasts a long time! It wears off after about four hours but it may last more depending on your skin type. On oily-skinned girls, it’s definitely lesser. You may use an eye-primer such as the one from Urban Decay. This is very pigmented, soft, and not very powdery. It also blends well and doesn’t disappear in an instant. The lighter colours last exceptionally well as the darker colours.

With its nine variety of colours, you can create some really nice day-time combinations and its definitely great for everyday wear. For a nighttime look, you can easily create a dark smokey eye makeup with no problem.

This palette comes in a cardboard packaging with built-in mirror. Despite how its lightweight and can easily fit in your bag to carry all day long, each pan comes with a decent amount of product. Be careful though as the cardboard won’t give enough protection. At this price point, you don’t want this eyeshadow to be all over your bag.


L-R Matt Singh, Matt Wood, Matt Rosen, Matt Malloy, Matt Garcia, Matt Johnson

Bottom L-R Matt Hung, Matt Lombardi, Matt Abdul


Close ups:


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