Sigma Essential Kit Review, Photos

Published November 11, 2012 by Nikki

My first set of brushes and very happy with it! I wanted MACs but my Adam won’t let me have it. He didn’t even agree to get this one but I bought it anyway. I’m tired of the scrawny mini garbage brush kit that doesn’t function properly as it should. I feel like they’re created as toys for 8-year-olds, not to mention the handles are small and pink.

I never really knew how much brushes can affect the overall look of the makeup. I was happy with just putting makeup using my fingers, but I had enough. Everyone in the YouTubeverse who has created a makeup tuturial is using brushes and I knew I need to too if I wanted a more polished look.

This kit has twelve professional brushes at a fraction of a price of MAC’s if you’re going to get the same number and type of brushes. Bought this online for P4,600 and that amount would prolly only give me 2 – 3 MAC brushes. I know MAC has better quality and shouldn’t be compared, but hey, as a beginner, do I really need to spend that much on high-end expensive brushes?

Anyway, onto my review.

^The 12 brushes

Powder F30: I was giddy like a little school girl when I saw this. It’s sooo huggggeee and fwuffyyy and sofffftt and I wuuvvv it. It was the biggest makeup brush I ever held in my life (lol). Tap it onto your loose/pressed powder and puff away. You’ll get a matte face in seconds. (Note: I use this to apply my Blot Powder).

Duo Fiber F50: Perfect brush for putting on liquid foundation. I don’t know how an airbrushed makeup looks, but people say that if a duo fiber is used for foundation, you’ll get an airbrushed makeup. So yay, airbrushed makeup! πŸ˜€ It also get the job done real quick and even. I didn’t know I can put on liquid foundation this fast until this brush. Goodbye to uneven patches!
(Note: This duo brush is supposed to be white and black. Since I didn’t care to wash it before taking photos, the white bristles are brown. I use this to apply my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup).

Large Angled Contour F40: Perfect for contouring and putting on blush. ‘Nuff said.
(Note: It’s brown/orange because I used it for contour. It’s supposed to be naturally white. I use this to apply Hoola Bronzer and other blushes).

Foundation F60: Haven’t used this one yet since I use my duo fiber brush to apply my liquid foundie.

Concealer F70: One of my favourite brushes! The application and blending of concealers are more efficient because of this. Also, due to the shape of the brush, it can reach curvy spots like the sides of the nose, and under eyes. I used to apply concealer using my fingers but using this brush has changed that for the better.

Tapered Blending E40: Haven’t used mainly because I don’t know how to use this (lol). Can anyone tell me how?

Large Shader E60: Haven’t used, same as above. It seems too big for my eyelids.

Angled Shading E70 and Eye Shading E55 : These are what I use to apply my eye makeup. The Angled Shading brush is perfect for creating that smokey eye makeup and the Eye Shading brush is perfect to apply the right amount of shadow onto the lids.

Eye Liner E05 and Small Angle E65: Both do its job well. I love the small angle brush for the eyebrows though. (I use the liner brush for my MAC Fluidline and it makes the application quick and smooth.

Pencil E30: I don’t know how to use this brush either 😦 This brush got so many raves from its users except for me.

The brushes below are the ones I use everyday. Makeup is guaranteed smooth, perfect and flawless πŸ™‚ Small Angle, Concealer, Large Angle, Duo Fiber and Large Powder brushes.


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