Benefit Ticket to Glossytown Review, Photos, Swatches

Published November 11, 2012 by Nikki

I never really liked lip glosses. I had few ones given to me before but I never used them because 1) my lips are pigmented and it feels like glosses accentuate it more and 2) I hate the sticky feeling. All of them just went down the trash bin or given away. I got this set as a giveaway in a fashion show I attended (I would have never bought this set because the price tag seems too much for glosses that I wouldn’t even use).

Anyway, these glosses seems like an improvement to what I had gotten used to. I don’t really love this kit, but I don’t hate it as much as I hated glosses before. I still wouldn’t use it on its own, but it works well with all of my lipsticks. It adds a bit of sheen and fullness to the lips when  worn over lipstick and it lasts long and doesn’t give a sticky,  warm feeling.

I also loved how the kit came in with a variety of colours (although, there isn’t much difference since they’re sheer anyway), small and handy. The nude ones (my favourites) work well with almost all shades of lipsticks, while the pink ones with multi-dimensional pearl can add oomph to a boring plain lipstick. The lavender, well, add it on top of a violet lipstick and you’ll get shiny violet lips. I haven’t used the others much because I get the sheen that I want from the tube I use the most which is Nudie-tude. I coat it on top of pink, orange, nude, and even red lipsticks.

The fact that it blends well to the lipstick is what made me change my mind about glosses. Before, I noticed how glosses just sit on top of the lips like dried thick animal fat (which added to the hate) but these glosses combine themselves into the lipstick you’re using giving it a more polished, naturally shiny and healthy lips. It’s the octocamo (Solid Snake’s suit in Metal Gear Solid 4)  in the world of glosses.

The kit includes (l-r swatches) So Frisk Me (a gilded berry), Nudie-Tude (a goldspun twist), Life on the A List (a bubblegum pink), Spiked Punch (a juicy coral), Foxy Lady (a diamond rose) and Kiss You (a clear fucshia). The kit was released holidays of 2011 (so much for doing a review for an outdated product. I got this early May of this year, but it was buried deep in my stash and only found it now hehe).

Even though  they’re small, with  the amount of gloss I use, I think it’ll last for years as unhygienic as it may sound.


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