MAC Lady Danger and MAC Ruby Woo Review, Photos, Swatches

Published May 5, 2012 by Nikki


I only have two red lipsticks because I believe it comes too strong. I only commute and people seem to glue their eyes on me whenever I’m wearing an ultra-red lipstick. I only picked my two favourite shades on MAC, I think that all their reds there is close to either one of the lipsticks I got so I didn’t bother getting more. Maybe, just maybe, in the future if there’s a limited edition dark red or brick red, I’ll get one. I can’t seem to resist limited editions lipsticks hehe

So here are my two reds:

MAC Lady Danger

It is a bright orangey, fiery red in a matte finish. Some people complain that it’s more orange than red to them, but for me it looks like what you see in the tube, bright red-orange. Orange is MAC Morange, and I’m not yet brave enough to get it. It’s not very drying and it glides on smoothly. It lasts for hours, that’s what I love with MAC mattes. Orange based red lipstick.

MAC Ruby Woo

True blue red. If you want a retro looking, classic and timeless red, then this is the perfect one. I have no complaints about this. This is the red in its truest form. I believe that it’s the best retro red lipstick out there. It’s in a matte finish and very drying. If your lips aren’t moisturized enough, you won’t get a smooth and clean application. It’ll tug on your lips upon application so yeah. It’s really, very dry. The driest in all the MAC mattes I’ve tried. Still, it’s a must-owned lipstick. MUST! Every girl must have one true red lipstick and this is it.  Blue based red lipstick.

I bought Lady Danger and Ruby Woo on eBay Philippines for P900 each + P90 (S&H).

P.S.I just got a job. SOOOO yeah, I haven’t blogged in a while. 😦


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