K-Palette Liquid Eyeliner Review, Photos, Swatches

Published April 18, 2012 by Nikki


The price isn’t justified. It dried up 3 months after I bought it!

I wanted to try liquid eyeliner because I’m tired of the pencils. Wax pencils never seemed to work for me even if they brand themselves ‘super waterproof’. They end up getting under my eyes and it’s not a pretty sight at all. The new eyeliner is intended for my graduation for obvious reasons. I was going to meet up with my friends – mads, lola, and kuya John anyway in Trinoma so while waiting for us to be complete, I roamed around and checked their MAC store. I wanted to get (this) P1,200 because I’ve read from the MAC website that it’s their super waterproof liquid eyeliner. Maybe it was the tester that put me off because when I tried it on my hand, the thin brush got a thick glob that messed my hand big time. It was so black though and you only need one single swipe.

I asked the MUA if the consistency is really creamy but she said no, the tester is just really old. In the US, you can ask the SA to open a new tester for you but here in the Philippines, the testers are old, probably near expiry and really terrible. I didn’t buy the liquid eyeliner because I’m afraid that it would be the same as the tester. SHOUT OUT: HEY MAC STORES. IF YOU WANT YOUR ITEMS TO BE BOUGHT, PROVIDE A DECENT TESTER!

I got the Zoom Waterfast Mascara (take note: they didn’t have an available tester for this. I hate MAC Trinoma!) because it’s the newest waterproof mascara MAC released and I figured it must be better than the rest. I went to Beauty Bar next because I remembered the SA telling me that their bestseller is the K-Palette a product of Japan liquid eyeliner. I didn’t think twice and bought it for a little less than P900.

On my graduation day, Ate Hanna, my cousin offered to help me do my makeup. She used my new eyeliner on me and said that it was difficult to build up. The colour isn’t true black at first swipe – a little bit on the grey side. With a bit of shaking and ten swipes each eye after, I got a great effect. It lasted for the whole graduation day and I was extremely proud of it.

Next use: I was with family at the beach and I told everyone about my new waterproof eyeliner. I put it on everyone and after the first soak in the sea, the eyeliner’s gone 😛 K-Palette embarrassed me around my family! But I figured it must be because of the salt water. Going home the next day, I wore my eyeliner again and Lea did too. The travel from Lucena back to Manila was really gruelling and it was extremely hot! By the time we got on an aircon bus, my eyeliner flaked and decided to fall off. Lea’s was still intact because her skin isn’t oily, unlike mine.


Price: P900 (a little less, maybe P899 or P890)

Pros: Easy to handle
Great easy to glide on brush
Will last long in cold places
Easily removed with soap and water

Cons: Not good for oily skin, hot weather and salt water
You need a few more swipes each eye to get the desired effect
You can’t store it upside down or else the liquid will push back up and the brush will dry
Too expensive! I think it’s overpriced.

This isn’t a keeper. Will try other liquid eyeliners, hopefully a MAC one in a good store where there are decent  testers and friendly MUAs. However, I won’t buy until my K-Palette runs out, P900 isn’t cheap at all!


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