MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Review

Published April 17, 2012 by Nikki

MAC Primer – A Primary Need!

As you have read before in my previous posts, I’ve been contemplating if I should get a primer and if I do which brand among the four good ones I have seen after scouring the mall and the internet for weeks.  Finally I settled for MAC because 1. MAC seems to work well on my face 2. I think I would get the quality and amount I would pay for and 3. I don’t really know if I should test those other primers as failing isn’t an option (these primers are expensive dammit!) and MAC has great reviews.

So I went to MAC MOA yesterday, my next favourite store after MAC Glorietta and got greeted (surprisingly as I always thought that that healthy gay guy there is quite a snob) by Pibo who knows me…hopefully not because I was the girl who once tried all of the brown lipsticks there back to back until my lips bled. He had to throw my lipstick smeared tissues that I placed over the counter clumsily. I remember he used another tissue to pick up my used tissues and threw them. I don’t know if I’d laugh or get embarrassed. XD

Here’s how our conversation went:

Pibo: “Hiiiiii, you’re back!”

Me: Yeah, um, when will the Nicki Minaj lipsticks come out?

Pibo: Probably next week.

Me: Okaaayyy…I need a primer.

Pibo: Which type?

Me: For oily skin.

He walked hips swaying toward the counter where the primers are and told me to try the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage. I keep insisting that the one with the SPF 50 and the Fortified one with SPF 35 are the ones I should purchase because of the SPF but he kept insisting that for oily skin, I should only use P + P Skin. I resigned; he’s the Makeup Artist after all.

So here’s my purchase:

Good thing I listened to Pibo. Had I not, I’d probably be suffering from slick oily skin today. I went to Glorietta with family to buy MAC pressed powder and eyeshadow there cause MOA doesn’t have the stuff I need in stock. I figured it’s the best time to try my new primer. We left at around 11 am, rode Jeepney and then transferred to MRT train before arriving to Ayala and back. We got home around 4pm and I found that my makeup is still divine! It still looks like how I left this morning. This is definitely the primer’s magic. I now know why so many women are hooked with primers because not only does it make the skin silky and soft but it makes your makeup settle in like iron.

This primer is not heavy at all and a little amount goes a long way. Because the cream is very light it is easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave any white cast on the face. It also has some micro glitter in it; not that visible unless you come very close to the mirror and not visible at all under makeup. I think it’s supposed to brighten up the face. Anyhow, even though I hate glitters, I’m glad that it’s there as it adds to the whole “magic”.

Primers also seal in the moisturizer you put in beforehand so after removing my makeup, my skin is far from being unhealthy. It’s actually soft and smooth.


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