Forever 21 Shopping!

Published March 19, 2012 by Nikki

SM Makati had a 3-day sale from March 16-18. I went there on the 16th but the shopping was unsuccessful because my mom tagged along and she was getting bored and annoyed about having nothing to pick and the huge number of people. I can’t shop properly if someone’s getting impatient and the line to the fitting room was VERY long anyway (can’t fit properly) so I decided to just leave. We didn’t get anything except for black socks I bought at the department store cause my Docs are killing my feet.

Went back yesterday, Sunday (the last day). The clothes that was present during the first day wasn’t there anymore and there are new stuff on sale. I wanted like 2 dresses from Friday and it saddened me that I couldn’t find them. But a good searching (like needle in a haystack) resulted to one of the dresses found and another one that looks exaclty like what I want only more gorgeous (and more expensive). Finally, I paid for four dresses and one cotton knit leggings (P2,800 for all) which isn’t bad at all considering all are on 50 percent off except for one dress which is at 20 percent off.

I definitely love my purchases!

(I’ll post pictures and prices when I get to a computer! I’m in school at the moment)


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