This week was fun

Published March 11, 2012 by Nikki

But not fun for my wallet!


Uncle just randomly gave each of us money worth 1,500
Then I got my one week’s worth of allowance as well as funds for my Grecian Goddess Costume
In the evening we had dinner  at Papa John’s


Went to MOA Terranova. They still have items left from their winter collection sale so I took advantage of that. I got four items:

Purple jeans – P395 now. P1,300 before
Grey woolen cover up – P295 now. Somewhere in P700 before
Grey long sleeves – P295 now. Somewhere in P700 before
Lavender leggings – P295 now. Somewhere in P700 before

My favourite purchase is the leggings. I’ll use it for yoga 😀
The cover up and the top is also great for the cold weather in Australia.
The purple jeans is perfect for my Docs.


Went to Divisoria with my best buddies Mads and Lola! Met up in school first then rode Jepy to Divisoria. I was so excited today! It’s my first time to go there with my girls. :3

On this day we planned to get the stuff needed for our creative shot. Purchases as follows:

Red Leggings for yoga again – P150
Two thin, tight fitting shorts to wear under skirt – P50 each
Melissa 3-inch wedge sandals replica – P600
Dress – P340
Black garter high waist tutu skirt – P600

For costume: White cloth 3 yards – P20 per yard
Gold cloth 1 yard – P75
Lace gold cloth 1 yard – P60
2 bangles – P100 each
1 pair of gold hoop earrings – P75

Today was absolutely tiring. Absolutely! Before I got home I went to Chetawan to get a Thai massage. Every Tuesday they have a Tuesthai promo and you only pay P99 instead of P200 for an hour of thai massage. 🙂


Went to school and had my final exams in Economics. Open notes but I have no notes so Lola let me borrow hers. When I passed it, the my professor, good old Dean Defensor returned my paper with the notes turned to a page. He said, the last question and the answer is on that page. IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING. But I really love you dean, and we’ll miss you. ❤

In the afternoon we tried creating my goddess costume. I stood on a chair as my stylist, Ms. Lola created my costume. She’s really good at it! She also got some gold ribbons for me to tie around my waist and around the afro hair she found around her house hehe. The hair is so curly, it looks great on my costume. The outcome was perfect!

Lola would be a pirate and Mads would be a goth rockstar on Friday.

Had my toenails done (P80) as well as hotoil for my hair (P200).


Got a text message from ABS-CBN yesterday inviting me to come for an exam for the position I applied for. Scared that I’d get caught up in heavy traffic, I left home at 6 in the morning. I arrived at Quezon Avenue around 7:00 and the exams won’t be at 9:30! Talk about getting excited-paranoid 😛

Bought a newspaper because Kuya Pasty, my classmate who took an exam in GMA said that they had current events questions so I read frantically at Seven Eleven while drinking soymilk. After an hour, I decided to walk to ABS-CBN. At 8:30, I was sitting on the waiting room, talking to my Adam dearest. ❤

Exam started at exactly 9:30 and there was no current events ANYWHERE! It was an IQ test, complete with analogy, some math sequences, and those shapes and symbols that complicate as it gets harder. Your brain begs to explode. There’s also spelling, grammar and of course writing. Finished at around 12:30 @_@


Went to school for graduation picture and creative shot yay! It was alright, I guess. Classmates had their hair curled, and I had my naturally semi curly hair straightened. They said I look better with straight hair but I can’t be arsed to have it rebonded. I’m really not a big fan of super straight hair cause I tie it up always anyway. Everyone said my Grecian goddess costume looked great, except some classmates said I should be an African goddess cause of the afro. It’s not that afro! Will post pictures soon. 🙂

After the tiring makeup and photoshoot sesh, me, Kuya John, Mads and Lola went to MOA. In the car, we teased Kuya John on how he looks handsome while driving. XD hehehe

We ate at Crepes and Creams then hung by the beach then after the sun set, went back inside the mall. We passed by Salablanca where I had previously looked at dresses for graduation. Mads and Lola bought theirs in Divisoria and I hadn’t yet. So I pulled them in and we looked at the stuff on sale. I ended up with a royal blue tube dress with black designs that was worth only P1,400 because it was on 50% off. It was P2,800 before. It fits me perfectly and everyone said I look good in it so yeah.

We all broke our promises about the colours we would wear. Supposedly, Lola should wear red but got black instead, Mads should wear Green but bought black instead, and I should wear gold but bought blue instead. Funny.

I also got paycheck tonight wooo!


Ady and I had our time all morning :3 and then in the afternoon I fixed my closet and picked the ones I wouldn’t wear anymore to give to relatives and friends. In the evening, I took mamy and Lea out on a date at MOA. We ate at Crepes and Creams and Jammin’ Jamaica. I also showed mom the shoes at Naturalizer that I want to buy but it costs P3,300. 😦 Can’t afford it yet  so I’m waiting for a sale. *sigh*


Aunt’s entire family and me went for a run around Alabang at 5:30 am and finished at almost 7:00 am. It was fun! 🙂 Then we went to Army Navy for breakfast. I think the run went to a waste cause we all ate like pigs, well, me and my cousins that is. Heheh.


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