What’s the best eyeliner out there?

Published March 4, 2012 by Nikki

What I currently have in my vanity kit is Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner Pencil in Onyx and I haven’t even reached halfway of it yet and I want a new one. I think I sharpened it less than ten times with its built in sharpener (one of the best few things it has). Well, the first few months of having it was heaven, I hardly use my eyeliner in the first place; only in dire circumstances when I want to look different cause it makes me look different, in a good way. It kinda’ makes my face more alive, and my eyes bigger despite it being already big.

The eyeliner DIDN’T crease, DIDN’T transfer and most importantly it DIDN’T smudge. It WAS also waterproof and tear-proof. I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes and I am always teary. Also, my face is very oily and the humid weather doesn’t help. This eyeliner and I were the best of friends and that almost remained at that until all of a sudden, a MUA commented on my eyeliner saying that it smudged all over my eyes – the bad kind.

Maybe I was being blind, not accepting the fact that I bought that eyeliner for P900 online and in my mind it was the best there is until someone pointed out the obvious. Since then, I had trouble with the application. The liner is too dry, it wasn’t as creamy as what I had previously seen it. I had to tug it against the lids causing an uneven application. Half of the day hasn’t ended yet and it has already formed a new line under my eyes making me look like I missed three days of sleep.

While the MUA placed concealer under my eyes, he said that my eyeliner already smudged. Defensive, I said, “that can’t be, it’s Smashbox” (everyone knows Smashbox is expensive and therefore must have great quality). He replied to me sarcastically and said, “more like, Smudgebox” (as per my previous post). And he redid my eye makeup, thankfully.

I’m just a bit disappointed as it still has a long way to go, it could last me a year or so, considering I don’t use that much. Now I have to look for a new eyeliner and maybe I’ll just have to try a liquid eyeliner. I’ve been an eyeliner pencil girl ever since and maybe now’s the time to try a new one. I’m fairly certain the one I’m planning to buy won’t be cheap, so it better be one of the best. Well, I hope.


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